Montana Mold Services Opens in Billings

Worker removes mold contamination
Worker removes mold contamination

Montana Mold Services recently opened for business in Billings and will service Yellowstone County and all surrounding areas, including Northern Wyoming. Dave Neighbors is the president of the company and has over fifteen years experience in the environmental clean up industry.

During his career, Dave has worked on and overseen numerous asbestos abatement projects in several western states.  When the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver was closed due to severe asbestos contamination, Dave was there for several months until the job was completed. He later worked for an asbestos abatement company in the Seattle area where he ran jobs and participated in the bidding process on many large, medium, and small jobs. During the past several years he worked for another asbestos abatement company in Billings and has traveled all over the state of Montana working on and running large and small hazardous waste  removal projects.

Dave recently decided to start his own company, Montana Mold Services, and will focus on mold remediation, lead abatement, flood restoration, and fire damage restoration. Black mold contamination is a big problem in Montana. Mold creates health problems wherever it is present, and must be identified and professionally removed. Any structure where water has gotten in, either by a leak, or flooding, likely has mold. Some mold problems are easy to identify and others, not so much.  That is why a professional evaluation is usually necessary. Montana Mold Services has relationships with local testing services when it comes to environmental issues.

Setting up contamination
Setting up contamination

Montana Mold Services Focus

  • Mold remediation
  • Flood restoration
  • Demolition
  • Lead abatement
  • Radon mitigation
  • Fire damage

Strict EPA guidelines apply when it comes to mold remediation, lead abatement, and all forms of hazardous waste removal. Montana Mold Services adheres to all local and federal guidelines. It is extremely important that any cleanup area be securely contained, so as not to spread contamination into non contaminated areas. This is why professional removal is very important. Then all contaminated materials are disposed of in the proper landfills.

The Billings, Montana area has the largest trading area in the United States, spanning over five hundred squares miles. Montana Mold Services will service that entire area. Mold, lead, and radon problems are present in cities, small towns, and cities. Strict guidelines apply to work places, commercial, and municipal buildings concerning the presence of hazardous materials. This includes apartment buildings, warehouses, and even agricultural structures. In addition, buildings for sale and scheduled for demolition, must first have hazardous materials removed and disposed of.

Mold remediation in process
Mold remediation in process

Call Montana Mold Services (406) 702-6186 today for a professional evaluation. They can assess your problem and come up with a remediation plan. The goal of Montana Mold Services is to remove the hazardous material as quickly and safely as possible and keep the disruption of your home or business at a minimum.  Let Montana Mold Services tackle all of your mold, lead, and radon problems in the Big Sky state.


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