Black Mold is a Problem in Montana

Black mold in drywall
Black mold in drywall

Black mold is toxic and is a common problem in Montana. Black mold thrives where there is moisture and poor ventilation.  In Montana, where winters are long, and houses are sealed up for months of the year, a mold problem may get worse and worse, especially if there is a leaky pipe somewhere, unseen to the inhabitants. In many cases, black mold must be professionally removed to prevent contaminating other areas of the structure, and to make sure it doesn’t come back.

Have you ever walked into a room and your nose immediately started running? You start sneezing and your eyes itch? That is most likely because there is black mold present.  Maybe a room was flooded months ago and was not dried out properly. Black mold can thrive under carpets, under linoleum, and especially in drywall. Black mold can make everyone in the building sick.

Laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements, and kitchen are common areas where black mold may be present. Black mold needs moisture and a food source to survive and thrive. Areas where humidity is above 55 percent are breeding grounds for black mold. An air conditioning unit in the summer that is not properly set, can be a breeding ground and delivery system for black mold.

Black mold inside cabinet
Black mold inside cabinet

Where Black mold may be Present

  • Walls, on surface and in drywall
  • Under floor covering
  • Ceilings
  • Inside air ducts
  • Within insulation
  • Inside furniture and draperies
  • Window sills

Sometimes, the source of toxic mold is hard to identify. In those cases, professional air testing needs to be done. Once the source of the mold is identified, the area needs to be contained before the remediation can be done. Professional mold removers seal the area off and create a negative air situation as they remove the mold, so mold spores don’t drift into other areas of the house.

Contaminated carpets, linoleum, and drywall must usually be completely disposed off. Tile and other hard surfaces can usually be cleaned using bleach and other solutions designed to kill mold. Mold remediation is best left for the professionals, unless the affected area is less than four square feet. The source of moisture also needs to be dealt with.

Montana Mold Services can tackle your toxic mold problem in Montana. They serve the Billings area, Yellowstone County and all the surrounding areas. Call them today (406) 702-6186 and request a quote.  The pros at Montana Mold Service have over fifteen years in the mold remediation business. They also specialize in lead abatement and radon mitigation.

Black mold on basement wall
Black mold on basement wall

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