Lead Abatement Services in Montana

Exterior lead abatement
Exterior lead abatement

If you require lead abatement services in Montana it is wise to consult with an experienced company to get the job done right. Lead exposure in the home is particularly dangerous to young children, who are much more sensitive to lead poisoning. Lead poisoning in the home often comes from particles of lead based paint that become airborne, or are ingested orally by small children.

Most homes built before 1980 may have lead paint in them. Lead based paint was widely used before then and is not a problem if it is good condition. Once lead paint becomes cracked, chipped and began breaking down it is a hazard. A risk assessment should be performed to determine the severity and the location of hazardous materials in your home. Lead exposure can affect the nervous system of humans and animals.

Once lead based paint has been identified in your structure, then you should come up with an abatement plan. A qualified lead abatement contractor can safely remove the lead based paint in your home or business and then properly dispose it. EPA guidelines are in place regarding lead paint. Lead paint, especially in apartment buildings and the workplace must be dealt with immediately.

Dangerous deterioration of lead paint
Dangerous deterioration of lead paint

Montana Lead Abatement Procedures

  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Identify lead paint in the structure
  • Devise an abatement plan
  • Build containment to isolate lead paint
  • Safely remove and dispose of contaminated material

Government buildings were required to clean up and remove lead based paint years ago and the work has been ongoing. Now, lead abatement is recommended and required especially wherever children under six are present in a residence. You can see the guidelines put forth by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality here.

Dave Neighbors of Montana Mold Services, has over 15 years experience dealing with hazardous materials in homes and work places.  This includes mold removal, asbestos abatement, and lead abatement. He has worked and managed large jobs for top abatement companies and now is bringing his extensive service to his own company, Montana Mold services.

If you suspect you have a lead problem in your business or residence, call Montana Mold Services in Billings for a consultation.  They can help you identify the problem and come up with an abatement plan that will cause minimal disruption to your home or business. Montana Mold Services cover all of Southern Montana and northern Wyoming.

Lead abatement containment
Lead abatement containment

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