Billings, Montana Mold Removal

Billings, Montana in December
Billings, Montana in December

Montana Mold Services is a new mold removal company in Billings, Montana dedicated to helping customers solve their mold problems quickly and permanently. Black mold is toxic and thrives anywhere there is moisture and little ventilation. In Montana, mold problems often start in the long winter months, when homes and office buildings are shut up for long periods of time.

As the snow begins to melt and the ground begins to thaw, moisture often seeps into basements, garages and crawl spaces. Spring time in Billings is a great time to tackle mold and moisture problems. Some mold problems are minor and can be handled by the homeowner – others are much more serious and need to be handled professionally.

Black mold is toxic and can cause all kinds of health problems. Symptoms of mold exposure could include a runny nose, headaches, and body aches. Elderly people, small children, and people with compromised immune systems, may be particularly affected. Black mold must be removed before it spreads.

Montana Mold Services will come out and evaluate your mold problem and propose a solution. In some cases, testing must be done to determine if mold is present. In most cases, black mold is easily identifiable.  Mold thrives wherever moisture is: behind walls, under floor covering, in crawl spaces, basements, and attics. Mold can be present in ducts, insulation, and dry wall.

Black mold in petri dish
Black mold in petri dish

Mold Removal Treatment

  • Identify and stop source of moisture
  • Contain and dry affected area
  • Remove mold and infected materials
  • Bag and dispose hazardous materials
  • Treat remaining surfaces

The most important thing when it comes to mold remediation is not infecting other areas of the structure with dangerous mold spores. If mold removal isn’t done right, the problem could get worse. The goal of Montana Mold services is to remove the mold quickly and cause the least disruption of home and property.

Dave Neighbors, of Montana Mold Services has over 15 years experience in the hazardous waste removal business. He has overseen jobs involving mold remediation, lead abatement, asbestos removal, and more.  Billings, Montana mold removal doesn’t have to be a big deal. Call Montana Mold Services at (406) 702-6186 today for a consultation.

Billings in spring
Billings in spring

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