Springtime Mold Removal in Billings

Mold removal containment
Mold removal containment

Montana Mold Services performed a mold removal in Billings this week at a medical building, where black mold was discovered after the winter thaw. A roof had been leaking, unknown to the building’s management and just enough moisture had seeped in to the sheetrock and around a window sill to cause a serious mold problem. Montanans are finding that everywhere as the temperatures warm up and the snow melts.

Montana Mold Services can handle all kinds of mold removal projects in Billings, and throughout Yellowstone County and northern Wyoming. The first thing professionals from Montana Mold services do is determine the extent of the mold problem and contain the area before removal, so that contamination doesn’t move into unaffected areas of the structure.

Once the infected area has been contained, mold remediation pros remove moldy sheetrock, wood and other materials that can’t be salvaged.  In some cases, mold on hard surfaces and wood can be treated and killed with chemicals. Mold is a living, growing organism and will thrive as long as there is moisture. Montana Mold Services then disposes of the mold infected waste according to EPA guidelines.

Black mold when left untreated can cause major damage to a building and also cause serious health problems to the inhabitants. Mold is a big problem in Montana because many structures are completely shut in during the long winter months with little ventilation. Anywhere moisture is trapped, mold will flourish. This includes ductwork and it is recommended to clean duct work annually. Montana Mold Services does that too.

Black mold in Billings medical building
Black mold in Billings medical building

Mold Prevention Springtime Check List

  • Check attics, crawl spaces, basements for signs of moisture
  • Check garage for mold
  • Cupboards under sinks
  • Laundry areas
  • Running nose, coughing, sneezing in certain rooms may indicate mold

Montana Mold Services has certified and experienced professionals who can quickly and effectively tackle your mold removal in Billings. Their recent job at a medical building goes to show you that even buildings that require the most sterile environments can have a mold problem. Restaurants, laundries, car dealerships, hotels, residential homes and apartment buildings also often have mold problems.

When in doubt about mold in Billings, Yellowstone County or surrounding areas, call Montana Mold Services for an estimate. Removal of mold before it becomes a major problem is the less expensive way to go. Call (406) 702-6186.


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