Sheridan Mold Remediation Job

Bathroom infected with mold
Bathroom infected with mold

Montana Mold Services did a mold remediation job at a property listed for sale in Sheridan, Wyoming this week.  By regulation, mold must be removed from properties listed for sale.  In this case, mold had accumulated in the wood underneath a tub, and had spread to adjoining walls and flooring.  The mold problem was serious enough, that professionals had to be called in.

In some cases, mold can be dealt with by using strong chemicals and bleach, but this wasn’t one of them. Mold attaches itself to porous surfaces like wood and drywall, and then the infected material have to be completely removed. The moldy debris needs to be disposed of according to state and federal guidelines.

Mold is often caused by leaking pipes, or in this case, the way the tub was designed, moisture from the tub was leaking down into the wood surrounding the tub. The leak has to be dealt with and the area completely dried out, or the mold problem will likely return. Wherever there is moisture in an enclosed space, mold thrives.

Wood structures with black mold
Wood structures with black mold

 Mold Remediation Procedures

  • Indentify source of moisture and stop it
  • Indentify mold
  • Contain infected area
  • Completely remove infected materials
  • Chemically treat and dry out area

Montana Mold Services does a lot of work in Northern Wyoming, in the city of Sheridan, and Sheridan County. As winter ends, and everything thaws out, people in Sheridan are discovering mold all over the place. Montana Mold Services can quickly and professionally remove mold from listed properties for sale, apartment buildings, businesses, and residential homes.

Call Montana Mold Services today at (406) 702-6186 for mold remediation, lead abatement, and asbestos abatement. They are certified and qualified to do all of those jobs. Montana Mold Services operates out of Billings, and services all of the surrounding areas, in Yellowstone County, in Big Horn County, Montana, and in Sheridan County, Wyoming.


Bathroom containment
Bathroom containment



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