Asbestos Removal in Billings

Workers scrape off floor tiles containing asbestos
Workers scrape off floor tiles containing asbestos

Many commercial and residential property owners will be seeking a company to do asbestos removal in Billings this year. Products containing asbestos were used in building materials in almost all structures built up until the 1970’s. This may include ceiling tiles, insulation, siding, floor tiles, textured paint, and coating on hot water and steam pipes, to name a few. Asbestos was deemed to be unsafe in 1977, and was banned for use in most building materials.

Asbestos, in its solid form is not harmful, but once it breaks down and becomes “friable” it can be very dangerous. Airborne asbestos fibers can become lodged into someone’s lungs and remain there for up to thirty years, slowly turning into asbestosis, or mesothelioma.  Property owners, landlords, and home owners should know the dangers of asbestos, and if they have asbestos containing materials in their structures.

Strict EPA guidelines govern the removal of asbestos and its disposal. In most cases, a professional and certified asbestos removal company must be contracted to do the removal.  Asbestos removers build containment in the area where asbestos containing materials are present to prevent contamination of other areas in the building.

Asbestos Removal Procedures

  • Determine where asbestos is present
  • Contain area where asbestos is present
  • Remove asbestos according to state and federal guidelines
  • Clean and encapsulate to guarantee zero fibers
  • Air test for fibers
  • Dispose of asbestos at proper landfill

In Billings, many homes and structures were built before the seventies and still contain asbestos. People wishing to sell real estate must disclose that there is asbestos on their properties. Landlords and commercial property owners do not want to be subject to lawsuits resulting from being negligent about asbestos. It is better to remove asbestos before it becomes a major problem.  Asbestos abatement can usually be done in phases, to spread out the expense.

Asbestos siding removal on older home
Asbestos siding removal on older home

Montana Mold Services does asbestos removal in Billings, and the surrounding areas, including Sheridan, and Northern Wyoming. Dave Neighbors of Montana Mold Services has over fifteen years of experience in asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and all aspects of demolition and hazardous waste removal.  Call Montana Mold Services today at (406) 702-6186 and let them evaluate your problem and take care of it safely and professionally.


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