Hoarder Cleanup Service in Billings

House of hoarder
House of hoarder

Montana Mold Services also does hoarder cleanup service in Billings, and the surrounding areas. Hoarding is a pervasive problem, and cleanup can be a big problem, and is best left to professionals. Many times, the clutter left behind by hoarders actually becomes a bio hazard, and definitely needs to be handled by professionals.

Montana Mold Service recently did a mold removal job in the basement of a Billings home that was occupied by a hoarder. Often, moisture gets underneath boxes and debris and then sits there for years, festering dangerous black mold. Likewise, newspapers and cardboard become moldy and have to be professionally disposed of in proper landfills.

Clutter around barn yards, vacant lots, and vacated properties often need to be dealt with quickly and professionally. The pros at Montana mold services will properly transport and dispose of all clutter from a hoarder’s property or anywhere else. They also realize that many items left in hoarder’s property might in fact be valuable, if they are cleaned up properly.

Hoarder bio hazard
Hoarder bio hazard

Banks, property managers, and even state agencies often need hoarder cleanup service once properties are vacated. Montana Mold Services works closely with property owners and managers when it comes to clutter and hoarder cleanup. They are also qualified to do mold remediation, asbestos removal, lead abatement, and nearly all kinds of hazardous waste removal.

Hoarder Cleanup

  • Remove trash and hazardous debris
  • Remove bio hazards, including dead animals
  • Salvage items of value
  • Remove dangerous mold once clutter is disposed of
  • Spider webs, bat, and rodent feces

    Hoarder's "library"
    Hoarder’s “library”

Montana Mold Services is a Billings, Montana company dedicated to removing all kinds of hazardous materials from private and commercial properties. Call today (406) 702-6186 for an estimate. Dave Neighbors has the experience and the know how to do the dirty work of hoarder cleanup.


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