Mold Removal in Sheridan, Wyoming

Mold above crawl space in Sheridan
Mold above crawl space in Sheridan

Montana Mold Services did an extensive mold removal job in Sheridan, Wyoming at a newly constructed custom home. Due to flooding in the area, the water table causing moisture to accumulate in the crawl space. The moisture in the crawl space caused a serious mold problem in the crawl space. This serves as a reminder that mold can become a problem wherever there is moisture, including new properties.

The 5000 square foot crawl space was completely covered with mold.  Montana Mold Services first had to completely dry the area using fans and dehumidifiers.  It took several days to dry out the crawl space. “It continued raining the entire time we were attempted to dry out the property, which didn’t help matters,” said Dave Neighbors of Montana Mold Services. He stressed how it is to thoroughly dry out the affected area before doing the mold removal.

Mold infested lumber
Mold infested lumber

Once the crawl space finally dried out, they built containment so that mold would not be distributed to other parts of the property. They then did the mold removal by brushing off the mold and using mold neutralizers and stain removers. They then encapsulated all the affected surfaces to make sure any remaining spores would be neutralized.

Once the mold was removed and encapsulated, the pros from Montana Mold Services installed a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering the crawl space again. The property was built close to the flood plain and this has been a particularly wet season in Sheridan.  Many basements and crawl spaces have been flooded this spring in the area, and if they weren’t dried out properly, chances are mold will develop.

Vapor barrier installed
Vapor barrier installed

Mold Prevention in Sheridan

  • Install vapor barriers in crawl spaces
  • Encapsulate mold affected areas after removal
  • Monitor areas during and after flooding
  • Heat and moisture create mold

The pros at Montana Mold Services can quickly evaluate your mold and moisture problems in Sheridan, Wyoming and surrounding areas. Dave Neighbors was raised in Sheridan and knows the community well. Montana Mold Services is based in Billings and does mold removal, lead abatement, and asbestos removal throughout Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming.


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