Hardin Mold Removal

Black mold in Hardin attic
Black mold in Hardin attic

Montana Mold Services did another successful mold removal job in Hardin Montana recently.  The roof was leaking which caused a serious mold problem in the attic. In addition to that, the vents from the bathroom ran into the attic and were not properly vented to the outside, so all the moisture from the bathrooms was going directly into the attic. This was a newer home and the mold created a serious problem for the home owner.

Also, the crawl space was severely flooded after spring rains. The pros at Montana Mold Services dried the crawl space out and installed a vapor barrier. This job was another example of how moisture gets into a structure and creates a breeding ground for dangerous black mold, and professionals must be brought in to remove it. The owner of the property lived out of state and wanted to sell the property, but needed the mold problem taken care of ASAP.

Mold contamination in Hardin attic
Mold contamination in Hardin attic

Montana Mold Services first recommended that the home owner fix the source of the moisture, which was the leaking roof and the improper venting.  Once the homeowner did that, mold removal technicians built containment in the attic and hooked up negative air machines. This was to prevent mold contamination in other areas of the structure.

The second phase of the Hardin job was to remediate the mold in the attic. Technicians used all of the most effective methods when doing the mold removal, including scraping, chemical neutralizers, and encapsulation. The attic is now mold and moisture free.

After mold remediation
After mold remediation

The third phase of the project was to dry the crawl space out and install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from getting in there again. There was literally standing water in the crawl space and knee deep mud. Fortunately, mold had not accumulated in the crawl space because it was too cold down there. As the summer progressed mold certainly would have formed as temperatures rise.

It took over two weeks to dry out the crawl space, but once it was dry, Montana Mold services installed the vapor barrier, completing the project. The homeowner was very happy. Montana Mold Services is based in Billings, but does mold removal, lead abatement, and asbestos removal, throughout Southern Montana, including Hardin, and northern Wyoming, including Sheridan.

Vapor barrier in Hardin crawl space
Vapor barrier in Hardin crawl space

One thought on “Hardin Mold Removal

  1. It’s a good thing this guy got this problem taken care of before selling the house. A good inspector will actually climb in and perform a thorough check. I’ve seen lots of attics that have no visible evidence of mold from the hatch but once you’re inside you can see the extent of the problem.


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