Roundup Basement Mold Removal

Black mold in Roundup basement

Montana Mold Services recently completed a mold removal job in Roundup, north of Billings. The basement of a home had a serious black mold problem due to a drainage problem on the property. It took the professional mold removers from Montana Mold services almost two weeks to completely remove the mold.

Dave Neighbors of Montana Mold Services said that most of the basement mold problems in Montana are caused by poor drainage. “Sometimes the yards are sloped in such a way that water from rain or irrigation runs back into the foundation of the house. Moisture and humidity accumulate and eventually a mold problem develops,” Neighbors said.

Neighbors added that unless the drainage problems are addressed, the mold will certainly return. “Rain gutters should be positioned in such a way that the water runs away from the house. Leaky irrigation systems are often the culprit too,” Neighbors said. He has been removing mold from all kinds of structures for over 15 years.

Serious black mold problem in Roundup basement

Preventing Basement Mold

  • Landscaping should drain away from house
  • Position rain gutters to drain away from home
  • Fix leaking sprinkler systems
  • Position sprinklers away from house
  • Eradicate mold problems immediately

    Mold on floor of Roundup basement

The Roundup mold problem was pretty serious because it had been let go too long. Black mold, once spotted should be removed right away before the problem grows exponentially. The damage done by black mold can be very expensive. The source of moisture has to be stopped also.

Montana Mold Services is certified to remove mold all over Montana and in Wyoming. They have done all kinds of mold removal jobs, large and small, throughout the region. Call them today at (406) 702-6186 to get your mold problem under control.



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